It may seem easier—and cheaper—to take quick cell phone snapshots for your listing photos. But real estate photography isn’t really a “do it yourself” type of thing. Believe it or not, pictures that look unprofessional can put a serious damper on the interest of potential buyers. The vast majority of home buyers look online first. That’s why it’s incredibly important that the listing photography used online looks irresistible.

It’s Okay to Just Be the Agent
You don’t have to do everything. It’s okay to get outside assistance when it comes to selling homes. Your time is valuable and your energy is best spent on serving your clients and building your business, instead of trying to manage every process on your own. Leave it to experts to make you look like a rockstar!

So why else should you definitely consider hiring a professional to take the pictures?

  • Professional real estate photographers know how to show off a home
    Taking great pictures of homes is harder than you might think. The good news is, there are people that do that for a living, so they know what they’re doing (enter, Picture the Sell) Professionals have experience showing off the interesting and unique aspects of a home. They know how to highlight the home’s features and make it look as great as possible online, so the chances of a sale are greatly increased.
  • Professional photos will attract more positive attention
    Studies have shown that most internet home shoppers look at the pictures before anything else. This means that their first impression of the home is the listing photography. That makes the quality of these pictures incredibly important. Because professional real estate photographers know what they’re doing, their photos tend to be better. This will, in turn, attract more attention and result in higher interest in the home.
  • The home will sell a lot faster
    The common theme is that homes listed using professional real estate photography services sell much quicker than those that don’t. This is an attractive advantage to real estate agents, and more importantly, their clients
  • The home will sell for more money
    Another common theme is that homes listed using professional real estate photography services sell for more money. So, the money you spend hiring a professional to take the photos doesn’t seem so bad considering the increased sale price of the home itself.
  • Professional real estate photographers have access to better technology
    Because they are professionals and that is what they do, professional real estate photographers usually have access to better technology and can provide more options for the listing photography. By hiring a professional, you may be able to include drone photography, 360 virtual tours, aerial photography, 3D tours, and detailed floor plans to the listing, which can really boost potential buyer interest. These kinds of viewing options give out-of-town clients a better idea of what the house is like without having to actually see it in person and local clients more convenient access to the home as well.

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